We have been providing audit, accounting, payroll processing, tax advisory, due diligence and valuation services throughout the territory of Slovakia for over 20 years.

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JPA International

We are part of the international audit network JPA INTERNATIONAL, based in Paris. We perform more than 100 audits per year for both private companies and the public sector.

More than 20 years of complex and lead services

ACCEPT AUDIT & CONSULTING, s.r.o. offers complex services in the area of audit, accounting, wages and salaries, taxes, valuating of the business and individual assets. We provide our services by our offices in BRATISLAVA, KOŠICE and PREŠOV.

Our company has capacities of professionals able to provide high level services in compliance with national standards and International accounting standards (ISA, IFRS).

ACCEPT AUDIT & CONSULTING s.r.o., is an audit company with the license of the Slovak Chamber of Auditors number 124. We have been performing audits since 1991 with experiences from manufacturing, trading and budgetary organizations, foundations and other non-profit organizations.

The references of our company include the clientele of the companies with turnover over EUR 40 million or lower turnover, in various industries.


  • Audit services offered mainly: statutory audit, interim audit, accounting review, financial statements transformation.


  • Accounting services offered mainly: single-entry accounting, double-entry accounting, reconstruction of accounting, financial accounting IAS / IFRS financial statements, annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements, maintaining of assets register, full-scale wages and salaries services.


  • Consulting services offered mainly: management consulting, financial advisory, tax advisory, legal advising.

Valuating services

  • Valuating services offered mainly: company valuation, valuation of the company's part - operation, plant, etc, valuation of the company's component (fixed assets, land, vehicles, receivables, liabilities …), valuation of personal property.

Office in Košice

address: Letná 27
tel: +421 903 601 042

Office in Bratislava

address: Koceľova 9
tel: +421 903 949 498

Office in Prešov

address: Baštová 38
tel: +421 911 632 729

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